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Rifle Hunting

A rifle hunters paradise... With 21 plains game species to choose from and top ranking PH’s, we guarantee you an unforgettable rifle hunting experience. All hunts are conducted on foot in a fair chase manner, ensuring you the best we have to offer. Our high success rates speak for itself, priding ourselves in giving you the ultimate African experience!

A Typical Hunting Day

After a wake-up call from the PH or Red-billed Francolins (bird) nesting in a tree above your bungalow, a full English breakfast will be served to your taste in the Lapa area as you soak up the fresh morning air with a coffee in hand.

The 4x4 hunting vehicle with a tracker and PH will be waiting for you after your delicious breakfast, ready to start the day. After the PH has discussed the plans for the day with you, the hunt will commence. You will be heading to an area where your quarry will be expected to be, since the PH’s know the areas very well. However, there are no fixed plans, you might be after a big Kudu and before you know it, a nice Blue Wildebeest might slip onto your “wish list”. Throughout your hunt the PH will be communicating with you, to ensure that your every need is served. After all, this is your safari...

While you drive around in the 4x4 hunting vehicle you will be in search of your quarry for the day in hope of finding the big boy. Or you will head to a designated area where your quarry will hopefully be, then you will go on foot in search of the quarry. If it happens that you spot the quarry from the vehicle, the hunt will commence on foot to ensure that you attain the best hunting experience possible.

The PH will make you feel right at home, making you part of the hunt with proper communication. The stalk on foot will be in single-file and as quite as possible to ensure that you have the best possible chance in harvesting your quarry. If you get into a shooting position, which will be between 80-150 yards, you will be shooting from 3-legged shooting sticks. The PH will talk you through the shot and helping you in any means possible.

After the shot, the quarry will be set up for trophy pictures to be taken with you in a professional manner. The quarry will then be taken back to the camp/lodge where it will be taken care of by our top quality skinners. The skinning will be done upon your desired request. After a refreshing drink, the hunt may continue...

Your safari with us is tailored made, ensuring that we can attend to your every need.

Why Rifle Hunt with Kowas Hunting Safaris

Kowas Hunting Safaris believes in hunting in a Fair Chase manner where the animal must be free roaming, he must be able to escape from the hunter of which he must be fully free to do so. This allows the animal to escape from you, presenting a level of challenge and adventure for every hunter. After all, that’s why we hunt, it’s about the experience!

We hunt in a wildlife only area with a abundance of wildlife which has the ability to exceed your every expectation. Africa is a wild continent, we want to keep it that way so you can still experience the good old days. Namibia is definitely a true African jewel when it comes to hunting.

Throughout 14 years of hunting experience, we managed to bag an average of 73% Gold Medal trophies per year which speaks for itself. However, the actual trophy is the experience you get to take back home – and it’s not measured in inches or pounds. We will look after your every need and the hunt will be tailored to your capabilities, ensuring you a great African safari with Kowas Hunting Safaris..

Rifle Import Requirements:

Rifle hunters who enter Namibia, must complete a temporary import permit for all rifle and/or ammunition in your possession. This permit could be faxed to you (in advance) in order to assist you (for your own convenience). This permit is obtainable on arrival at the airport and it takes only a few minutes to be issued... >> Download a copy now


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